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Web Applications & Portals

From membership, conference, and subscription management portals, to ePortfolio, directed placement, and document review systems, we are ready to take your existing rubrics and systems and create a custom, web-based solution.

Over the past twenty years, we've developed hundreds of projects for educational institutions, businesses, and organizations. Across each and every project--regardless if a project costs $50 or $50,000--is a commitment to learn from each client and produce a custom web-based application, portal, or site tweak that works for that client... and only that client. Our solutions are not off-the-shelf, but are always tailored to your exact needs and situation.

For more information on our membership, subscriber, and conference support services, take a look at our Membership & Conference Support services.

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Our in-house team programs your control panels and user interfaces.


The sites below showcase a few of our most recent web application development projects; however, our more than twenty years of experience allows us to offer samples that closely align with your needs, wants, or ideas... and to take on your project with an unmatched commitment to deadlines, security, and cost-effectiveness. Interested in learning more or getting a no-obligation comprehensive quote for your project? contact us today.

ICAA Screenshot

Independent College Advancement Associates

Dissatisfied with the "piecemeal" feel of a membership portal platform built on WordPress using dozens of separate and unconnected platforms, the ICAA turned to us to create a unified membership portal for their diverse membership. The task became even more challenging because of the need to transition all old data from unconnected databases seamlessly.

The new custom-built system was released less than a month after the contact with us was signed. The system handles membership registrations (including institutional registrations that cover all of the institution's members), treasury reports, announcements, automated payment reminders, credit card and manual payments, mass emails, and the easy updating of static information via administrative control panels.

We continue to host the membership portal for the ICAA and, as with all of our programming projects, update it automatically and regularly to meet current programming and security recommendations.



IWCA Screenshot

International Writing Centers Association

We've had a long-term relationship with the IWCA spanning more than a decade and more than five leadership changes. Those long-term relationships are exactly what we value. For the IWCA, that means that, what started as a simple request to create a system that handles membership payments has expanded into a comprehensive membership portal.

The IWCA's membership portal handles membership payments and renewals, conference registrations and payments, conference proposal submissions, reviews, and decision notification, conference room assignments, and even secure and auditable elections.

But, our work hasn't stopped with the membership portal. In addition to frequent tweaks and additions to the portal, we've also been asked to develop and print conference programs and name-badges, and were even tasked with designing the organization's logo.



JWA Screenshot

Journal of Writing Assessment

The editors of the JWA wanted to restore the formerly-print publication as a digital online-only journal. The new site allows for articles to be submitted and reviewed, issues to be created, and for all articles (including the print issues) to be easily searched.

Loyola Screenshot

Loyola University of New Orleans

Loyola was already using another application to handle center scheduling. They turned to us to create a new, comprehensive record submission, storage, reporting, and distribution system that worked in tandem with their existing workflow.

TWC Screenshot

The Write Class

The developers of the Write Class directed self placement system turned to us to take their rubric and produce a fully developed system. Since the original development, BSU has hired us to create similar systems for other many other institutions.

NEWCA Screenshot

Northeast Writing Center Association

NEWCA wanted a way to let their members register for conferences and submit and review conference proposals. Having seen our work with other peer institutions, they turned to us to create a membership portal tailored to their exact needs.


WSU Screenshot

Washington State University

After initially contracting with us to build a simple, but site-specific document storage and review system, WSU has returned numerous times to add sites that handle everything from course registrations, to student signups with third-party services.

WCONLINE Screenshot


Our own products and services also provide a look into our exceptional application development skills. Developed for more than twenty years, WCONLINE is used by thousands of institutions for scheduling, recordkeeping, and reporting.

NCPTW Screenshot

National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing

Moving away from a paper-based system and familiar with our work with peer organizations, the NCPTW hired us to create a membership and conference registration system--and to do so with an eye toward simplicity and ease-of-management.

TPR Screenshot

The Peer Review

In addition to creating custom sites, we are specialists in adding functionality to existing sites. Here, the editors of TPR contracted with us to create a submission and management system for their WordPress-driven academic journal.